Welcome to the St. Mark Catholic Parish

We believe that our parish is defined by our welcoming community of individuals and families from all walks of life, striving to be the Body of Christ in our daily lives.

It is interesting to note that in Marks’ Gospel when the first disciples met Jesus, He said to them “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men”. The parishioners of St. Mark’s Parish are on a continuing journey to walk with the Lord and know him more intimately. There are many opportunities for ministry, fellowship, prayer and faith formation in our parish to mention here.  So we invite you to come and see!  We would love to welcome you to our spiritual home and experience our journey with you.

St. Mark Catholic Parish joyfully welcomes you to worship God in our Sunday Masses. We are blessed to have parishioners from many nationalities that will make you feel welcomed as soon as you come through the entrance doors of the Church. We have 450 registered families and our Parish is located in the Humboldt Park Area, Chicago, Illinois.

If you need more information about the parish or wish to contact us, please contact the parish office at 773-342-1516.


Welcome to St. Mark Parish!





From Our Pastor